The yoga therapy strategy depends on the patients’ condition, whether they need relief from pain, recovery or strengthening and alignment.

Whatever the problem is in the lower back and based on the severity and physical condition of the patient. In yoga therapy:

1. We relieve with deep exhalation through the belly. The Vagus Nerve, the most important nerve of the parasympathetic system ends in the belly. People with serious conditions like depression, anxiety, autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and Parkinson’s, have dysfunction of this nerve. The vagus nerve is activated by muscle relaxation, deep exhalation through the abdomen and forward bends.

2. We relieve the area by keeping the lower back on the mat and by bringing the knees to the chest in order to extend the lumbar spine.

3. We strengthen the lower back with safe and mild back bends

4. We strengthen with safe and easy to do abdominal work keeping the chest open and avoiding neck tension. Observing the practitioner is very important in this case.

5. We avoid forward bends and especially sitting ones.

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