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Yoga Therapy Greece, a leading school in Yoga Therapy Training in Europe, an IAYT member school, a Yoga Alliance registered school RYS300,  offering IAYT Accredited 800 hours Yoga Therapy Program, is founded by Evi Dimitriadou a highly experienced C-IAYT certified Yoga Therapist and Physiotherapy Graduate, currently doing a Masters degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health and by Brian Ewen a 30 years Tai Chi & Qigong teacher, Yoga Therapist who is also certified in Acupressure.

Our next IAYT Accredited Yoga Therapy Training starts either Online in Ocober 2022 or with a summer residential in August 2023 at the Helydorea Zen centre in Peloponnese, Greece.

At Yoga Therapy Greece, in addition to our training, we offer live and online personal and in small groups yoga therapy sessions, tai chi, qi gong, and acupressure to people who want to gain from a self-care mind and body practice that will make a big difference to their symptoms, state of mind and quality of life.


800 Hours Yoga Therapy Training 2023

The only  Accredited Yoga Therapy Training given by an experienced C-IAYT certified Yoga Therapist & Physiotherapist. A 800 hours program – starting with 18 days residential in summer 2022 -where science meets tradition, where yoga instructors really learn how to give yoga therapy effectively and safely in 1-2-1 and in groups for structural, mental health, women’s health and medical conditions.

Personal and Group Yoga Therapy Sessions 

In a 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy session, a completely personalized practice is developed based on thorough intake and careful evaluation of breathing and moving patterns and habits addressing the individual needs, priorities and lifestyle.

Integrative Yoga Therapy Groups are aimed at people who have specific  health issues or common symptoms.

ONLINE Yoga Therapy Training 2022

yoga therapy online  

Accredited ONLINE Yoga Therapy Training starting in October 2022 with the second Optional Year 2 starting with an 18 residential training in Greece.

Become eligible after 2 years to apply for full certification by the International Association of Yoga Therapy C – IAYT 

Tai Chi & Qigong

Brian - Tai Chi

Tai chi with its fluid and comfortable slow movements in a specific sequence and Qigong with the various postures and breathing techniques strengthen and allow Qi (energy) to flow within the body.  

Yoga Therapy Course ‘Befriending Pain’


A 2 days intensive Yoga Therapy course educating about pain, about the types of pain, about the ways we can shift perception of pain from a danger sign to a safety potential, how to befriend pain and empower people with simplified scientific knowledge and with the appropriate application and modification of yoga tools. This is available NOW as a recording or register for the next live course.

Saturday 29th October 2022. (12:00-16:00 & 16.30:20.30) (Greek time).

Sunday 30th October 2022 (12.00-16:000 & 16.30:20.30) (Greek time).








YOGA THERAPY TRAINING 800 HOURS - 2023  Year 1 – (350 hours) Starting 4th August 2023 with 18 days residential in Greece followed by online webinars and full individual one to one support throughout the year. OPTIONAL Year 2 – (450 hours) Starting 14th June 2024 with 18 days Residential in Greece...

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2 days Yoga Therapy Course ‘Befriending Pain’

2 days Yoga Therapy Course ‘Befriending Pain’

Course Description A 2 days intensive Yoga Therapy course educating about pain, about the types of pain, about the ways we can shift perception of pain from a danger sign to a safety potential, how to befriend pain and empower people with simplified scientific knowledge and with the appropriate...

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Yoga Therapy Training 2020

Zoe Osbourne - What an amazing two weeks I have had! Evi is amazing, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. This course has been everything I hoped it would be and then a little more. I feel excited for the next two years and continuing this journey with you both....

Summer Yoga Therapy Intensive Training 2019

The course was very interesting and I took from it all that I expected and hoped for. Something I liked a lot was the experience shared by Evi during our case studies. It was of extra value to me. Evi involves a lot with her passion for Yoga Therapy. Madeleine ~ Yoga...

Yoga Therapy Training 2019

I am very happy with the course, i got more than i expected because Evi gives out all her knowledge and experience

Yoga Therapy Training 2019

A very well organized Yoga Therapy Training with excellent material by a wonderful teacher who helps you open your wings and find your own path. It is great to have her next to me as an advisor and mentor!!! Thank you very much Evi!! Katerina Tasiani, Yoga Teacher

Roula ~ Yoga Therapy Training

Roula Sideraki Yoga therapy training course was one of the best gifts l have ever given to myself. Although at first I was not sure about this choice of mine, from the very first module, I realised that Evi was a dedicated yoga therapist teacher with much knowledge...

Artemis ~ Yoga Therapy Training

Artemis Nazou Whatever I say about Yoga Therapy Training is not enough to explain the vast amount knowledge I got, nor to describe the great overall experience had and the people I met!! Thank you Evi for all you gave me so generously!!!

Maria P., Businesswoman, 65 years old, Bronchiectasis

I started talking like before the chronic bronchiectasis, normally, without my breath cutting the sentences. I talk non- stop without getting tired at all! I started walking again a lot without any problem. I started living again as before. I threw the nebulizer machine and the inhalers. I owe my new life to Evi.

Pantelis P., Ex flight attendant, 66 years old, Kyphosis, pains in the hips and waist, depression

I enjoy the peace and positive energy of the place. I find that the exercises help a lot to recover.
Above all, the knowledge, the character and the overall behavior of Evi make her an excellent therapist and I am grateful to her.

B., University Student, 22 years old, cancer survivor suffering from insomnia & stress

After only one session of yoga therapy with Evi, my sleep was greatly improved. I began to sleep again without interruptions. By the second session my menstruation became less painful. I occasionally practice my personal sequence and maybe this is the reason I did not catch any flew this year, this being the first time in many years.

Voula G., Office work, 36 years old, lower back aches

I got excited with the beneficial effect on the body, mind and mood of these simple and easy to do exercises. I strongly recommend them without any hesitation and I thank Evi for her help, her positive energy and her love for what she does. Thank you very much.

Judith G., Housewife, 55, back pain, arthritis in neck, wrists and shoulders

Evi focuses on each person’s problem with utmost care and responsibility

Sofia K., Bank Manager, 38 years old, chronic constipation and body stiffness

After 2 sessions with her the muscle pains and stiffness improved incredibly.

Natasha P., Anaesthetist, 35 years old, stiff neck

What a surprise was, when I realized that I did not breathe properly. But I know now!

Vana K., Accountant, 47 years old, overweight with asthma

I felt much better with the specific yoga practices from the first moment. I could breath!

The breathing techniques helped me a lot and I do not use the inhaler spray except of rare occasions. Thanks a lot Evi.

Ourania K., Teacher, 55 years old, Knee

Evi’s persistence and a high sense of responsibility in what she does, quickly brought great results regarding my knee discomforts.

Fratzeska H.,Housewife, 72 years old, lower back, neck and osteoarthritis

I only did three sessions with her and I truly felt relieved regarding my arthritis and aches at my lower back.

Persa, M. Microbiologist, 55 years old, lumbago and sciatica.

In a very short time, by performing the specific yoga exercises and breathing techniques, I began to improve significantly from sciatica.
I owe this betterment of my condition to the patience and knowledge of Ms Dimitriadou.

Kimon M. Musician, 55 years old, Ankylotic Spondylitis with pronounced kyphosis and aches in neck and lower back

By the second day, after I first met Evi Dimitriadou, I felt a big difference around my neck.

Georgia P. 28 years old, problems at the hips, lower back and feet

Evi is amazing and unique in making you feel good. My problems were many, but Evi tirelessly, with love and patience towards me and my body, was able to identify exactly what yoga practice I needed in order to love my differences.

Krystalli G., Bank Manager, 52 years old, inflammation of the coccyx, pain in the neck and lower back

I reluctantly started the yoga therapy.
Soon the inflammation at the coccyx passed, my body got stronger faster than ever and within 3 months I do exercises that I could never imagine I would do!

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