The pelvis is reflected in our soles. The sitting bones are mirrored in the heels and the iliac bones on the big toe.

When the heels come in and the fingers out, the abdomen weakens, the hips come closer while the abductors, hamstrings and hip flexors shorten / lock. The opposite also happens but less often.

This leads us to say that the way we often stand causes problems in the pelvis. That is why in Yoga Therapy Greece we look very closely at the body’s tendencies and the way the practitioner stands and moves so that we can see:

1. If there is a lordosis or a flat back

2. If there is a pelvic shift to one side. It usually exists after years of standing more on one leg.

3. If there is a pelvic rotation. This imbalance will be reflected on the feet as they will put more weight on the arch of one foot and on the outside part of the other foot.

Usually when one hip comes higher than the other, we put weight on the outside of that foot while the hip that falls (and goes forward) weight falls on the arch of that foot.

At Yoga Therapy we align the body with different practices depending on the body characteristics, we strengthen with Yoga postures aiming at the weak muscles that hold this bad posture that can cause scoliosis, hip pain and back pain.

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