In Yoga Therapy Greece, we have a big experience with cardiorespiratory conditions, and we handle them with safety and great responsibility. We focus on:

  • Breathing slowly and ideally through the belly,
  • Frequent practice, combined with stress reduction ones, as well as a healthy diet is the general rule.
  • We teach patients how to breathe through the belly, ideally contracting the belly and exhaling through pursed lips.
  • We lead them to personalized guided relaxations.
  • We avoid strong practices and we suggest that mild is beautiful, an attitude that they may want to explore in their life in general.
  • We explore chanting as it lengthens exhalation and promotes serenity and expressing themselves.
  • We focus on lengthening the exhalation and almost all movements are done during exhalation, e.g small bridge
  • We often start and we finish with a breathing practice, we pace the whole practice keeping it slow and making pauses in between movements and we are very careful in transitions.
  • We emphasize activation of the center/belly
  • We focus on relaxing the shoulders, by shoulder rolls and opening the hands.

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