By helping a person safely learn to contain his/her powerful sensations, emotions and impulses without becoming overwhelmed, it is the way of trauma. As they learn to feel in the absence of fear, trauma’s grip is loosened, and equilibrium is restored.  The awareness of bodily sensations is critical in changing functional and emotional states. That is why yoga nidra is so important.

As people start paying attention to their inner sensations, the therapists must eliminate the idea that any of these sensations are insignificant. As they begin to notice increasing amount and intensity of aches, pains and other disturbing sensations, they might be worried that they will interfere with their daily functioning and that they will become more symptomatic. This is highly unlikely. In practice, we focus on relaxing the jaws and the shoulders, to feel their centre and their feet standing, to chant om or any other sound releasing from their guts, to open and close their mouth enhancing yawning.  (As is done in embodied psychotherapy also).

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