Why Yoga Therapy is in such huge demand? – what to look for in a good Yoga Therapy Training.

θεραπευτικη γιογκα αθηνα

Yoga therapy is the traditional personal way of yoga given by a highly knowledgeable yogi as a holistic way of self-care and well being.

In our times, the field of yoga therapy is expanding fast due to the huge scientific evidence of the therapeutic effects of yoga, the increase of the chronic conditions and the need to find a safe and effective therapeutic practice. And this is exactly what a yoga therapist is qualified to do.

What to look for in a good yoga therapy training? /How to find the right yoga therapy training program?

A professional yoga therapy training must have the following characteristics:

  1. The leading instructor must be an experienced and C-IAYT certified yoga therapist who have concluded many years of accredited Yoga Therapy studies and is working full time as a yoga therapist giving yoga therapy sessions in individual or groups.

[C-IAYT meaning certified by the IAYT (International Association of Yoga Therapists)]

  1. The yoga therapy training must be of 800 hours with at least 500 hours of training, 150 hours of personal practice with your own clients, many personal hours of mentorship for your guidance on these 150 hours of practice and of tutorial support for your personal and professional development. As the physiotherapists and the psychotherapists have a mentor/supervisor during their training and their first years of practice, the same applies to a serious and professional yoga therapy training.
  2. Last, but certainly not least for individuals seriously interested in a professional career as yoga therapists, choose a program that has obtained or is in the process of seeking IAYT accreditation, such as the Yoga Therapy Greece training 800 hours.

In Yoga Therapy Greece, we follow all the latest standards of IAYT and our yoga therapy training shares deep knowledge of viniyoga, vinyasa yoga, restorative yoga, yoga nidra, meditation, ayurveda, tantra yoga since Evi Dimitriadou, the leading instructor and full-time practicing Certified C-IAYT yoga therapist has been exposed for years in all these different lineages and she is also a qualified physiotherapist. 

More specifically, the Yoga Therapy Greece training is given in:

  1. 2 separate 18-days residential trainings in Greece over two consecutive summers (152 hours each =  304 hours)
  2. 20 live webinars where we present and analyse 2 case studies per webinar, detailing each time clients with different conditions (5 hours each =  100 hours)
  3. 8 live online weekends where we share the roots and the philosophical background of yoga therapy, the yoga principles for the mind, knowledge about the body and mind integration, ethical principles and ways for professional development (12 hours each =  96 hours)
  4. 36 Hours of personal practicum mentorship
  5. 30 hours online tutorial support, 14 personal hours for student’s personal and professional development and 16 hours for one makeup weekend.
  6. 186 clinical hours’ practicum and 64 hours for the preparation and documentation of this that enables the mentorship. Out of these 186 hours 36 hours practicum are in the form of 6 case studies and 150 more independent practicum that prepare the yoga therapy students for becoming excellent yoga therapists.

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