The Mind & Body Stress Release Program 

The Mind & Body Stress Release Program for the corporate/office environment takes place in 4 parts, in 4 short sessions of 20 minutes each. Each session is either live or online and then a recorded version is provided. They can be tailored made on demand incorporating the logo or the philosophy of the company.

The 1st part, /session, ‘the Release Tension from the Body’, includes 8 simple and easy to do movements that release tension from the neck, the shoulders and the lower back, the main parts of the body where tension is accumulated in the corporate environment and one of the main reasons for time off work, diminished productivity and overall higher levels of stress.

The movements are simple, specific, effective and easy to remember. They can repeated by the attendants on a daily basis or when they wish, either as a sequence or one by one.

The 2nd part/session, the ‘Learn how to Breath’, includes a guided self – breathing assessment that builds breath awareness and simple and efficient ways to slow and deepen the breath, establishing a better breathing pattern, increasing the breathing capacity and ultimately balancing the nervous system and enhancing immunity. By the end of this session, attendants know the best way for them to breathe, to use simple breathing practices that make them feel more relaxed, more rested, more focused and more balanced.

It is well known that slow breathing  (Russo et al., 2017), guided relaxation (Hadjibalassi et al., 2018) and positive affirmations (Epton et al., 2015) have positive effects on the sympathetic nervous system, on the hypothalamic pituitary adrenal (HPA) axis, on stress reduction and on health behaviour change.

 The 3rd part/session, the ‘Rescue Tool for Crisis’ is a very effective way that enables attendants quickly (in less than 10 minutes)  regain control and balance, to feel grounded and calm even in periods of very high levels of stress or even during panic attacks. The Rescue Tool for Crisis can be easily repeated at any time when needed by those that attended the training. Sitting and bringing awareness to the breath and body in a very specific way has been used to hundreds of people with panic attacks and to people struggling with bad news and big life challenges.

The 4th part/session, ‘the Getting Stronger’ is a short, focused, effective and easy to do program that address the parts of the body that get weaker by sitting in front of screens. The short program consists of 8 movements that strengthen the abdominals, the glutes, the back muscles, and the legs without even having to change clothes or leave the office. They can be done all together as a sequence or one at a time as healthy shots during the day. They can be easily remembered, and they can be gradually intensified based on each person’s wishes and capabilities.   

By practicing the specific movements, the attendants get stronger, have a better posture while they work for long hours, they get less physically tired and they have less deconditioned bodies and less aches and pains.  

For more information, please contact us. We can build together a great program for you as we have done for hundreds of people that they have entrusted to us their precious time and specific requirements.

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