Who is Brian Ewen

Brian Ewen - Tai Chi & Qigong

The Tai Chi Teacher

I first started studying Tai Chi in London 30 years ago. I soon realized some of the many benefits and the great potential found within this art. From those early days I committed myself to regular practice, continuous learning and to obtain a deeper understanding of Tai Chi and Qigong.

Since that time I have learnt with various teachers and masters. Some 20 years ago I attended some very impressive workshops with Master Alex Dong. Given the Dong family’s unique lineage, their teaching of authentic Tai chi and seeing Alex’s mastery of the art I decided to make the Dong families teaching system my main source of learning.

I have traveled extensively around Europe, to America and China to attend numerous workshops to further my learning and depth of knowledge in both Tai Chi and Qigong. I have made this a life study and I now give lessons in groups or privately in England, Croatia and Greece.

I feel so grateful for what Tai Chi and Qigong brought to my life and I fully enjoy teaching and seeing the benefits that this truly unique art can bring to a person.

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