4. Information for the Yoga Therapy Training Retreats such as Location, Prices, Getting there, and Registration.
  • 1. Personal Yoga Therapy Retreat  ~ Sunday 24th June to Saturday 30th June 2018 and Sunday 26th of August to Saturday 1st of September 2018

A Personal Yoga Therapy Retreat by Evi Dimitriadou, a certified Yoga Therapist, where you will discover the best suitable practices for you based on your needs and priorities.
If you have any muscular issues such as scoliosis or lower back, medical conditions like asthma or irritable bowel syndrome, mental health issues like depression or anxiety it is a great opportunity to find out what yoga practices will help and why.
Yoga Therapy covers a huge number of health issues. So, please feel free to contact me for any health conditions you would like to address.

This Yoga Therapy Training Retreat forms the basis of Yoga Therapy, a powerful way for mental and physical health and is based on the way personalized Yoga Sessions are conducted according to the International Organization of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Gurus such as Krishnamacharya, Desikachar, Gary Kraftsow and others.

If you are a yoga practitioner, this retreat will enable you to learn for yourself what are the most appropriate practices for you. You will explore wider horizons in your practice, as you will learn to adapt postures, breathing exercises, mantras, mudras, relaxation and meditation to your own personal parameters.

If you are a yoga teacher, these 6 days will help you to spread your wings as you discover the most creative, independent approach to yoga teaching, and explore how to incorporate all elements of Yoga such as mantras, mudras, vayus, chakras, doshas, ​​koshas into an individualized therapeutic approach and provide precise response to your clients’ needs.

By the end of this short but intense retreat you will have a solid base of knowledge and experience, and be able to design specific therapeutic practices for your students or yourself.

This life changing Personal Yoga Therapy Retreat covers in 5 days and 20 hours:

The Personal Yoga Therapy Retreat covers in 5 days and 20 hours:
1. “Breathing Assessment. By the way someone breaths we learn much more than someone can imagine, and by selecting the appropriate breathing exercises as well as the appropriate yoga postures we use yoga as a psychosomatic intervention to restore balance in the energy of the practitioner.
2. “Body and Movement Assessment. We recognize the body tendencies. We learn to notice from the bottom to the top of the body specific parts so that there are no unnoticed elements that are decisive for the design of an individualized practice either in a therapeutic or developmental context. Besides learning how to assess the way we stand we learn the appropriate practices and the reasons behind the ones we choose to use in order to reveal the extent of the movement in the areas we want to focus on according to the practitioner’s priorities and to design an ideal personalized and modified program.
3. “Recognize the Ayurvedic constitution /dosha”. We learn how to recognize characters through simple questions and body /face characteristics in order to choose the most appropriate way of practice, incorporating all the yoga tools such as mantras , mudras and visualizations.
4. “How to use Yoga Props in Practice & Restorative Yoga according to the Chakras and Vayus”. We learn how to use Yoga Props such as chairs, bolsters, blankets, bricks & blocks, sandbags, eyebags, and walls so that everybody can easily get into postures to obtain the best possible benefits. We also learn restorative practices focusing on the physical needs, vayus and chakras that need attention. It is the only part of the teachers training course that has strong influences from Iyengar Yoga and Judith Lasater teachings.
5. Come up with the most suitable yoga practices and the reason for them and take them written.

Most specifically the program is as follows:

Sunday morning pavanmuktasana and how to practice in a meditative way.

Sunday afternoon we learn how to establish the goals and priorities of the yoga practices based on our needs on physical, energetical, psychological and spiritual level.

Monday is dedicated on learning how to recognize the way we stand and move.

Tuesday is dedicated on learning how to recognize the way we breath and how we can breathe with our full potential, affecting all the levels of our being.

Wednesday is dedicated on learning our ayurvedic profile and about the function of our chakras and the most suitable yoga style and yoga practices for each of you, based on your ayurvedic constitution.

Thursday morning we learn about how to use the yoga props in our practice and relaxation based on the previous assessments and ayurvedic profile.

Thursday afternoon and Friday morning and afternoon we establish and practice the most suitable practices for each person, so to know what to do for the rest of her/his life as a yoga practitioner or yoga instructor.




An intensive 200 hours Yoga Therapy Training that will enable you to give personalized Yoga Therapy Sessions to people with  all Medical Conditions that you will probably encounter. As a certified Yoga Therapist I will share with you the methodology of 1-2-1 sessions and what we do in muscular the most muscular imbalances and in medical conditions like structural, nervous system, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and immune system.  In these 16 days you will spread your wings as you discover how to build a personal practice based in the goals and needs of the practitioner but also to explore how to incorporate all elements of Yoga such as mantras, mudras, vayus, chakras, doshas, koshas into an individualized therapeutic approach and provide precise response to your clients’ needs. By the end of this intense retreat you will have a solid base of knowledge and experience, and be able to design specific therapeutic practices for your students or yourself.



During the first 3 days we cover all the muscular imbalances in feet, knees, hips, pelvis, lower back and spine, neck, shoulders, elbows, wrists, scoliosis and what we do for them. The next three days we learn how to interview and assess the client in terms of breathing, posture, movement, ayurvedic profile and whole being at every level  in order to come up with the most suitable practices based on the overall needs and goals of the client. This is a truly empowering yoga therapy retreat that will enable you to learn not only the most suitable practices for you in terms of asanas, breathing techniques, mudras, mantras, relaxation and meditation but to discover yourself and swift in a more balanced and holistic way of life. The next 2 days we will focus on women’s health issues and how yoga and yoga Nidra can nourish us. After 8 days of 8 hours per day we will have a free day for relaxing at the amazing beaches of Southern Crete. After this free day (breakfast, dinner and transfer to the beaches and the picturesque little town of Palaiochora is included we continue with 2 days focusing on the Mental Health and more specifically on Depression, Anxiety and Trauma, the following 2 days in Immune System like Cancer, HIV and Auto-Immune Disorders, and the last 2 days on the Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Digestive and Endocrine System Deficiencies and which yoga practices help and why. Lectures on the latest research findings, yoga practices using all the yogic tools, breathing techniques, meditation, and philosophy as well as dietary and lifestyle advice complement this advanced training retreat. During the retreat, and in detailed discussions of selected cases, participants evaluate “patients” in five categories: Structural, Nervous System and Breath, Ayurveda, Psychology, and Spirituality. This holistic roadmap allows for a systematic assessment of function on all levels of body, mind, and spirit.



200 hours Yoga Therapy Training Yoga Therapy training by a Certified Yoga Therapist, 8 Hours per day plus 3 hours personal supervision through skype in a case study with a real client of yours, 15 dinners in a beautiful and natural retreat in Crete 15 nights accommodation 15 breakfasts.

5. Location, Prices and Getting There

On Sunday evening is the welcoming, allocation of the accommodation and dinner, while on the following Saturday morning after breakfast is the departure by 11:00, unless you stay for the other week.

The training takes place in the morning 9.00-11.00 and in the afternoon 18.00-20.00 , starting on Monday morning and finishing on Friday evening.

What is included:

  • 20 hours of teaching (4 hours a day for 5 days)
  • Yoga props and mats
  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 6 dinners
  • 6 daily transfers to and back from the beaches/town
  • Clean linen, hand and bath towels

What is not included:

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers, although we do help group people together to reduce costs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Private Yoga Therapy Sessions limited to one person per day (we advise to book in advance).
  • Private Acupressure Sessions
  • Tai Chi Lessons
  • Beach towel

The Location

The Yoga Therapy Training takes place in a beautiful natural retreat location in Crete, in the south region of Chania, in the small and green village of Azogires, 10 minutes drive from the picturesque small town of Palaiochora and many amazing sandy beaches.

Azogires is one of the greenest and coolest villages in Crete, located in the White Mountains. There is a small tavern which is a 2 minute walk from where you stay.  Here you can buy lunch, drinks etc. Azogires is a perfect place to relax where you can take peaceful walks in the woods, visit the small monastry, the village church, explore some local caves or simply spend time in the hammock or seats listening to the stream as it flows over the rocks and through the woodland.

The Hotel in Azogires has 8 large simple double and triple rooms with balconies and amazing views over the mountains and the sea.

It has a big indoor wooden floored yoga room and a big shaded (with grapevines) open air terrace overlooking the sea and the mountains for breakfast and dinners.

For breakfast you help yourself to fresh fruits, local honey, Greek yogurt, bread and jams.

It has a big communal kitchen open at all times that you can use to prepare a meal or a hot drink including medicinal Cretan mountain teas.

There is also a washing machine that can be used for a small fee.

The breakfast and dinners are traditional Cretan reputedly the healthiest food in the world, locally sourced, organic, vegetarian really tasty and cooked by a highly respected local chef.

Daily Transfers

Daily transfers to the beaches and town are included after breakfast (around 12.00am) and from the beaches and town to the hotel (around 15.00pm)

Getting there

You book a flight to Chania International Airport arriving on Saturday.

From Chania you can take a taxi to Azogires (1.5 hour drive / 90 Euros through an amazing landscape, which is arranged by us in order to take advantage of the possibility to share it with other participants) or a bus from the main bus station in Chania to Palaiochora (10 Euros) and from Palaiochora a taxi to Azogires (8 minutes 15 Euros).

Alternatively, you can take the boat to Chania from Piraeus port that departs every night at 21.00 and arrives at Chania port at around 6.00 in the morning.

Prices based on sharing a Double or Triple Room

 1250 Euros for 1 week Personal Yoga Therapy Retreat in single room – 250 Euros deposit

Early Bird 2000 Euros for the  Yoga Therapy Training – 500 Euros deposit

Single Occupancy Supplement  for the Training is 250 Euros per week.

Price for a partner not attending the training is 450 Euros – 250 Euros deposit

All deposits are refundable up to 3 weeks prior to the Training Retreats starting (minus 50 Euros administrative costs) with half refundable up to three weeks before the start.

Deposits to be paid by Bank Transfer either into an English Bank Account (in Pounds) or into a European Bank Account (in Euros)


Please send completed Booking Form or any enquiries to Brian at brian@yogatherapygreece.com



Garyfalia Vlachaki, Yoga Instructor and Owner of Hatha Yoga Heraklion

Thank you very much to our teacher for the knowledge that we shared with us the immediacy of the humor of the girls about everything we have been living together these days and I wish to all of us EVERYTHING !!!!  

Olga Kasma, Yoga Instructor

Evi thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. It is so nice to meet people like you through the journey of yoga. You were a revelation to me for your sincerity and your warm character. Continue to believe in the power that yoga has to heal. With much love and...

Elena Karageorgopoulou, Notary & Mediator, Yoga Practitioner

I had this unforgettable unique experience that expanded my knowledge and brought me into a new alternative complimentary method to reconcile the soul with the body, to remove internal conflicts through the recognition and acceptance of our disharmony, whilst on the...

Vivian Karavanou, Psychotherapist

A wonderful trip with Evi Dimitriadou and the girls.  The Yoga Therapy Retreat in Gavdos came to an end and left incredible knowledge and unbelievable optimism that everything is possible as long as we recognize it and we want it. I am deeply grateful for what I...

Daphne Grigoriadis, Teacher Yoga Hatha & Ashtanga Instructor

An excellent seminar necessary for any teacher who wants to approach the yoga in a therapeutic way.  Evi, thank you for your honesty, your down to earth manner and the intention to share your knowledge generously!  

Ioanna Papaioannou, Psychotherapist, Athens Synthesis Center

One big thank you Evi! You are a teacher with a very positive energy, sharing generously your experience and knowledge. I am really glad to meet you through the experience of therapeutic yoga. I am looking forward to your next seminar. Thank you for everything.  

Katerina Vrettou, Yoga Instructor

Thank you so much Evi!!! The workshop was extremely very interesting and especially the way you passed to us your experience!!

Andreas Noikokyris, Yoga Instructor

High Level of knowledge! Thanks. Looking forward to the next!

Ioanna Gkasiou, Yoga Instructor

Thank you for the very useful information we got ! You are a terrific teacher ! We are eager for the next one!

Fragkie Liougka, Yoga Instructor

It was a very nice seminar. To the point and without any extra talking. You are very good instructor, with confidence and transmissibility. It was obvious that you knew the subject and you were well prepared. I am glad I came.

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