A yoga therapy training is much longer than a yoga teacher training, is given by a yoga therapist who has concluded many years of yoga therapy training, is teaching how to give yoga based on personal assessments and specifically for a unique individual in 1 2 1 yoga therapy sessions.

To be a certified yoga teacher you need 200 hours training while to become a certified yoga therapist you need to conclude a yoga therapy training of at least 800 hours.

A yoga therapy training is given only be yoga therapists who have concluded accredited by IAYT yoga therapy trainings and not by yoga teachers who are not qualified neither certified to teach yoga therapy.

A yoga therapy training is not certified by Yoga Alliance. Yoga Alliance is not allowed to certify any yoga therapy training. The training that is certified by Yoga Alliance is by definition not a yoga therapy one.

A yoga therapy training must include practice/practicum of yoga therapy sessions and many hours of personal mentorship/supervision by an experienced certified yoga therapist in order the yoga therapy student to be guided on how to give yoga therapy by someone who has repeatedly given yoga therapy sessions.

A yoga therapy training must share yoga and ayurveda, personal assessments, communication skills and critical reasoning as well as ways to adapt the practices, asanas, pranayamas, restorative practices, yoga nidra, meditation, tantra yoga and mantras to each individual and not to the condition. More specifically a professional yoga therapy training will teach you what, why and how to modify/calibrate the practices for the conditions (structural, mental, women’s, medical,) to each person’s needs at that particular time.


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