Due to an old injury I often have a hard time with my lumbar spine. For many years I have stopped practicing in gyms.
I have attended twice Evi’s yoga therapy seminars for groups. They are ideal for the pains I am facing (and faced by most of us because of our sedentary way of life) and for the kind of practice I am mostly interested in.

Stretching and pain relieving but also strengthening exercises, performed slowly with full and coordinated breaths, allow the mind to concentrate on the movement and lead to an immediate feeling of wellbeing. The specific sequences I had attended were great for the lower back but not only.

I got excited with the beneficial effect on the body, mind and mood of these simple and easy to do exercises. I strongly recommend them without any hesitation and I thank Evi for her help, her positive energy and her love for what she does. Thank you very much.

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