Tai Chi & Qigong

An exercise of the mind, body and spirit

What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is studied in the West for its unique health benefits.

Its root is as an internal martial art which emphasizes working with ones internal energy and softness, with less emphasize on muscle strength. It helps generate a strong flow of chi, it aids chi’s circulation and most importantly it works to balance chi (energy) both within ones body and with the surrounding environment.

It consists of a series of usually slow movements in a specific sequence. The movements are fluid, with natural and comfortable postures. Making it suitable for all ages and abilities. When practiced correctly what looks soft is actually strong, and when combined with spirit and intent energy flows freely creating effortless power.

It is truly an exercise of the mind, body and spirit.

What is Qigong?

Qigong, which is closely related to Tai Chi, combines various postures with breathing techniques to strengthen and allow Qi (energy) to flow within the body.

In Qigong there may be no movement, movements may be very gentle, or at times more vigorous. Some movements are very large; others are subtler almost not seen at all. Exercises may be carried out standing or at times sitting. The deeper one practices the more you can understand the purpose of each movement and the very specific effect on body and mind.

Even a small amount of regular practice can have the most profound effects.

Both Tai Chi and Qigong are linked to the study of Acupuncture and Acupressure and the bodies Meridian lines.

Some self-massage techniques are also taught with this in mind.


Practicing Tai Chi and Qigong has the following benefits:

  • Calming and clarity of the mind
  • An overall feeling of peace and tranquility
  • A highly increased internal awareness and that of one’s’ surroundings
  • A deep strengthening of the whole body
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Increased energy levels
  • A rejuvenating and invigorating effect
  • Improved health and general feeling of well being
  • The ability to be focused and in the present
  • The ability to lift ones sprit and have a brighter more balanced outlook on life
  • Help with many existing health problems

Tai Chi & QiGong Classes in Athens

No previous experience is required. People of all faiths, ages and ability, even those with disabilities, can study both arts.
Please note all classes are given in English.

Tai Chi Group Lesson

QiGong Classes in Athens

Location ~ 42 Zone. Ag.Anargiron 16. Psyri. This is in a very safe popular area 5 minutes walk from Monastiraki Metro.

Classes on Wednesday evenings from 8.00pm for approximately 1.5 hours. ( First class is on Wednesday 14th November 2019)

We will study and practice various Qigong exercises dependant on peoples needs with a particular emphasis on learning the Five Animal Frolics form, the stick form and the 8 Brocades.

Please contact me before coming or for more details by e-mail brian@yogatherapygreece.com or by text / call  6943211902 



Tai Chi Group Lesson

Tai Chi classes in Athens

Location ~ 42 Zone. Ag.Anargiron 16. Psyri. This is in a very safe popular area 5 minutes walk from Monastiraki Metro.

Classes – On Mondays and Fridays from 7.00pm for approximately 1.5 hours. ( First class Friday 16th November 2019)

These will consist of mainly Tai Chi with some Qigong warm ups. In particular these classes will work on the principles of Tai Chi and  various Tai Chi sequences. These forms are based on the Alex Dong curriculum and include.

  • The Long Form (Slow Form) – The main form studied
  • The Broadsword form
  • The Advanced Broadsword form
  • The Straight Sword
  • Fast form
  • Fa Jing form
  • Hao form
  • Stick form

Please contact me before coming or for more details by e-mail brian@yogatherapygreece.com or  text / call  6943211902 


Tai Chi Private Lesson

Private lessons to small groups and individuals

These are very flexible in nature depending on what aspects you wish to learn and what I believe would be of most benefit. For all class availability and prices please contact by e-mail brian@yogatherapygreece.com or by text / call  6943211902 


~ The first two introductory lessons are 10 Euros each

~ All three lessons per week (both Tai Chi & Qigong). 60 Euros per month from time of paying. Please note if a class is missed the payment is not refunded.

~  Two Tai Chi classes per week. Please note if a class is missed the payment is not refunded.

~ One Qigong lesson per week. 35 Euros per month from time of paying. Please note if a class is missed the payment is not refunded.

~ Drop of class 12 Euros. Ideally please contact me before turning up.


Tai Chi & Qigong at Pagratio Gym (Mets Area)

~ Wednesday Morning 11.00 to 12.00

~ Saturday Afternoon 16.00 to 17.00

For participation contact Pagratio Gym (Imittou 190) on 2107510987 or visit www.pagratiogym.gr





2 One week Workshops in Beautiful Southern Crete 2019

WEEK ONE ~ Beginners and intermediate Tai Chi & Qigong ~  Saturday 3rd August 2019 to Saturday 10th August 2019

WEEK TWO ~ The Yang Style Broadsword Form ~ Saturday 17th August 2019 to Saturday 24th August 2019

In week one we will work on the principles of Tai Chi and Qigong, practicing, enjoying and learning various moves and sequences. In particular we will learn some short Tai Chi sequences and the Qigong Sequence Ba Duan Jin also known as the 8 Treasures.

In week two you will learn step by step the complete Yang style Broadsword form. Week two is aimed at people who have ideally studied some Tai Chi and want to learn a weapons form. It will also include warm up Qi Gong exercises and we will be working on the general principles of Tai Chi that should help with any other forms you may already know.

A DVD of the form will be available showing the moves from different angles and at various speeds to help remember what you have learnt.

You may also find the workshop of interest if you have studied other martial arts or are used to activities that require a degree of body control such as sport or dance. Do not hesitate to contact me brian@yogatherapygreece.com if you have any queries about your suitability or matters relating to the workshop.



On Saturday evening is the welcoming, allocation of the accommodation, orientation of the awesome Aghios Pavlos area and dinner, while on the following Saturday morning after breakfast is the departure by 11:00.

The training takes place in the morning 8.00-10.30 and in the afternoon 17.30-20.00, starting on Sunday morning and finishing on Friday evening.

What is included:

  • 30 hours of teaching (5 hours a day for 6 days)
  • Use of a Broadsword
  • 7 nights’ accommodation
  • 7 breakfasts
  • 7 dinners
  • Clean linen, hand and bath towels.

What is not included:

  • Flights
  • Airport Transfers, although we do help group people together to reduce costs
  • Travel Insurance
  • Lunches
  • Private Yoga Therapy Sessions limited to one person per day (we advise to book in advance).
  • Private Acupressure Massage Sessions
  • Beach towel

The location

The training takes place over looking the awesome bay of Agios Pavlos in South Crete. The hotel is located on a small cliff with great views of the picturesque sandy beach with lovely warm and crystal clear blue waters. The beach is only few footsteps away from our rooms while incredible stretches of sand dunes lie only ten minutes walk away. All the rooms have a balcony and a sea view, air con and a nice bathroom. The breakfast and dinner are fresh vegetarian and delicious.

Getting there

Most people arrive by air to Crete into Heraklion airport (HER) or Chania airport (CHQ). They are both equal distances from the retreat and the transfer is about 2 hours. There are also daily ferries from Piraeus and Santorini to Crete.

The taxi is 110 euro from Heraklion, 120 euro from Chania and we always facilitate sharing taxis among participants.


€830   Per person sharing a twin room with En-suite bathroom – including breakfast and dinner

€1050 For a single room with En-suite bathroom – including breakfast and dinner

€1240 For someone attending with a non-participating partner

A deposit of 30% is required to secure a booking. All deposits are refundable up to 2 months prior to the Training Retreats starting

Deposits to be paid by Bank Transfer either into an English Bank Account (in Pounds) or into a European Bank Account (in Euros).

 Please send any Completed Booking Forms or Inquiries to Brian at brian@yogatherapygreece.com



Nick ~ Broadsword Retreat in Crete

Hi Brian Apologies for the delay! We arrived back in Penang on Friday; it will take a few days to wring out the jet-lag. I want to tell you how much we both enjoyed the Tai Chi Broadsword course in Crete. What a wonderful venue for it, peace and tranquility in a...

Lydia Tilianaki, Senior Taiji instructor of Master Alex Dong Taiji Legacy, Founder pf Taiji Nea Smyrni

I have known Brian more than 25 years. He is a hard working Taiji practitioner really committed to the art. He is serious and also a calm and good hearted person. He never gives up and although difference of circumstances his commitment never changes. He is a very clear teacher and very supportive.

Yiannis Zoumproulis, Senior instructor of master Alex Dong (Dong Style Tai Chi). Founder & Head Instructor of Athens Tai Chi Chuan Association

I met Brian in London in 2004 at Alex’s Dong workshop. Since then I meet him at least once a year at Alex’s workshops around the world. Brian is a good friend and a tai chi brother. He is very committed and very serious in tai chi in practicing and teaching. He is a sincere person and he loves what he’s doing.

Martina Mestrovic – Instructor Taiji Dong School Zagreb

I met Brian 7 years ago at Taiji workshop in Croatia.

In that time I was a beginner and Brian with his gentle, patient, calm way,helped me to practice more serious and improve my tai chi. Since then he improved his teaching even more.

Maja Napijalo, Tai Chi practicioner, Zagreb School, Croatia

Brian is a highly skilled, attentive and patient instructor and both beginners and advanced students can benefit hugely from his classes. He makes adjustments kindly and accurately and is very impassioned to share all his knowledge and skill. Whether it’s about simple things as improving your posture, reducing knee/ back pain, or gaining deeper insight into the principles of Taiji and honing your skill, Brian is the best.

I have been greatly privileged to have had the chance to study Taiji under him and would warmly recommend his classes to everyone.

Evi Dimitriadou, Certified Yoga Therapist, Yoga Teacher RYT-500

Although I am a yoga therapist and yoga instructor, practicing Tai Chi with Brian I felt more grounded and more expanded. He transmitted the feeling of space inside me and of alignment while moving with a steady and relaxing flow. I fully recommend Tai Chi with Brian...

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