350 hours Certificate leading to

IAYT Accredited training of 800 Hours


Year 1 – (350 hours) 15th October 2022 to 4th June 2023 ~ Includes – 9 Online weekends & 10 webinars (both with a Zoom recording being provided). In depth Notes. Personal supervision and tutorial support throughout.

For optional Year 2 – (450 hours)

Join us in Greece for an 18 days Residential (7th to 25th of July 2023) followed by 10 online webinars, 8 online weekends, further mentoring and tutorial support throughout the year.


 If you want to Master Yoga Therapy join Yoga Therapy Greece

Our vision

Is to give the best Yoga Therapy Training possible and our graduates to be proud of their choice to study with us.  It is to empower our students to become the best version of themselves and for them to do the same for their clients, to facilitate their transformation from svabhava to their svarupa.


Our Yoga Therapy Training Program

  • Our Online 350 hours Diploma leading on to our IAYT Accredited 800 hours Yoga Therapy training has been designed for those that for either reasons of safety, cost or due to time constraints cannot attend our summer residential.
  • It is a comprehensive program enabling yoga teachers to become professional Certified Yoga Therapists, attaining the highest certification in Yoga Therapy globally and able to deliver safely and effectively yoga therapy in 1-2-1 and groups, for structural, mental health, women’s health and medical conditions and symptoms.
  • Our first year 350 hours Yoga Therapy Programme is a complete programme in where you as a yoga instructor receive a deep foundation. You will learn everything you need to know about applying Yoga Tools in order to give both online and face to face Yoga Therapy safely in 1 to 1 Yoga therapy sessions and work therapeutically with groups. On successful completion of year 1 you will receive certification issued by Yoga Therapy Greece for ‘Yoga Therapy Training 350 hours’ enabling you to have your own clinic and give 1 to 1 or group sessions.
  • By progressing to year 2 and completing the 800 hours program, students not only study yoga therapy in greater depth refining the tools, building the necessary skills for giving yoga therapy more effectively but they are also eligible to be Certified Yoga Therapists, C – IAYT, by the International Associations of Yoga Therapists, achieving the highest standard of certification in yoga therapy.

~ Visit the IAYT website for more information ~

  • Please note – Only the full ‘Accredited Yoga Therapy Training 800 hours’ programme is accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT)

    Features and unique Advantages of Yoga Therapy Greece Training

    • The Online training is almost exactly the same with the live face to face program, however you save the cost of accommodation and flying/travel to Greece in the first year. We believe this gives our training the best value you can find. Even when compared to other similar online courses.
    • We have already given this online program throughout COVID with great success during 2020-2022 as you can read from the testimonials of our graduates who are now great IAYT Certified Yoga Therapists.
    • Recordings are available of all the live online training to enable students to go back over material for a whole month and get the best from our teaching.
    • You uniquely have the opportunity to attend the residential program at the start of optional year 2  to become eligible for full Certification by the International Association of Yoga Therapy. Having the coveted title C-IAYT.
    • We limit the number of students to ensure you have the best possible supervision and mentoring from the start of the training to the end, given personally by Evi our Program director and lead instructor.
    • Our program is unique because it offers sincere sharing of deep knowledge and experience in Yoga Therapy, Viniyoga, Tantra Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Personalized Yoga Nidra & Meditation, Physiotherapy, Psychology, Neuroscience and the latest evidence-based practices through  
    • We have deliberately scheduled our Online training to be almost entirely over weekends to allowing people to study around their work and other commitments.
    • We share most of the knowledge in the online weekends. Through the monthly webinars and through the assignments, case studies and practicum you learn how this knowledge is applied in practice and how to apply all the tools.
    • Every evening in the online weekends we practice group yoga therapy practices relative to the theme of the day (this is in the morning in the 2nd year residential). This means you take away with you more than 30 group / individual sequences that can be used for your own workshops. Including the very popular life changing Women’s Health and Mental Health practices.
    • Through our training and personal supervision you will learn to become your own yoga therapists which we believe is the best way for you to be a great therapist for others.
    • You will learn how to build a therapeutic relationship, how to give a motivational interview, how to ‘see’ people holistically, how to build personalized yoga therapy practices based on people’s goals and needs, using postural/movement and breathing observations, as well as all the Yoga and Ayurveda principles such as koshas, gunas, doshas vayus, choosing, incorporating and modifying all yoga tools such as asanas, pranayamas, yoga nidras, meditation, mantras etc.
    • Observation and Explanation of live Yoga Therapies.
    • Experience your own Yoga Therapy and take away a personal practice that is the most appropriate for you.
    • You receive comprehensive notes which when combined make up two well prepared Manuals of over 420 and 200 pages for the 1st and the 2nd year respectively to refer to and to support you for years.
    • A well selected updated Reading list that will further empower you as a professional Yoga Therapist.
    • As a graduate of Yoga Therapy Greece we are always available to mentor you as you progress in your career as a Yoga Therapist.

    Minimum entry Requirements

    200-hour yoga teacher training, such as a Yoga Alliance 200-hour registered school program (RYS 200) or equivalent. Plus, one year of teaching experience. If you are unsure if you qualify please contact us.

    The program in greater detail

    • Starts with the delivery of the notes for the first Module
    • There is online one weekend per month for 9 months from October 2022 to June 2023.
    • 10 webinars over 8 months presenting 2 real case studies where the relative theory and practices is shared. The webinars take place for 5 hours on Saturdays.
    • Personal and Group Mentorship (21 hours) for the 88 hours practicum.
    • The 88 hours mentored practicum of the first year includes the 18 hours for your 3 case studies.
    • Online tutorial support (7 hours) for your personal and professional development based on the evaluation of the 5 assignments, 10 webinar assessments and 6 module assessments.

     The Monthly Online Weekends and the Webinars

    They start on Saturday 15th October 2022 and finish on 4th June 2023.

    The Weekend Daily Schedule of the Online Weekends

    10.30-14.30   Greek time – Lectures  

    14.30-16.30   Greek time – Break

    16.30-20.30   Greek time – Lectures and Practice         

    The 1st year Webinars

    There are 10 live webinars of 5 hours each (50 hours in total for the first year).

    All webinars take place on Saturdays 15.00 – 20.00 Greek time.

    We share one webinar every month, where we present with powerpoint and explain 2 case studies with real clients that have had yoga therapy of 4 sessions each given by the director of the studies and leading instructor.

    A recording is then available for a month for students to review in their own time.

    (Please see frequently asked questions below regarding not being able to attend some webinars.)

    The Program of the Online Weekends and the Webinars

    1st Online Weekend. 15th – 17th October 2022 (3 days).

    Methodology of Yoga Therapy I.

    We introduce ways:

    • To see what Yoga Therapy is through the yoga principles
    • To interview and read peoples’ breathing, posture and movement through specific practices.
    • To see people holistically through Yoga and Ayurvedic elements, koshas, gunas, doshas, vayus, chakras.
    • To come up with yoga therapy strategies through critical reasoning.
    • The function of the asanas and how to modify them.
    • To choose the most suitable yoga practices (Asanas, Pranayamas, Mantras, Sankalpa, Mudras, Restorative practice, Relaxation, Yoga Nidra), based on the overall needs and goals of the client.
    • To sequence a therapeutic practice.
    • To draw stick figures for the practice sheets and keep professional documentation.
    • To use props for suitable Restorative yoga practices according to different needs.
    • You watch your first yoga therapy live (given to one of you) and we explain how theory is applied in practice.
    • We end Friday with an Intervertebral Movement practice, we end Saturday with Chair Yoga & Restorative practice and Sunday with a Sattvic mind practice.

    1st Webinar. 5th November. Adapting Practices Case Studies

    2nd Online Weekend. 26th – 27th November  2022  (2 days).

    Yoga for Structural Conditions I – Feet, Knees, Hips, Pelvis, Lower Back.

    We learn:

    • The anatomical aspects and the function of the asanas
    • To recognize and address the root of the structural condition with specific asanas
    • Specific therapeutic Yoga practices and the rationale behind the Yoga Therapy applications for Muscular Imbalances regarding the Feet, Knees, Hips, Pelvis, Lower Back.
    • Through practicing specific sequences for each condition and through sharing deep knowledge based on yoga therapy and physiotherapy.
    • You watch the second Yoga Therapy live, where all these elements are incorporated and explained in practice.
    • We end Saturday with a group yoga practice for Knees and Feet and Sunday a practice for Pelvis and Hips.

    2nd Webinar. 4th December 2022. The Structural Case Studies (Lower & Upper Back)

    3rd Online Weekend. 10th – 11th December 2022 (2 days).  

    Yoga for Structural Conditions II – Upper Back, Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists, Scoliosis, Arthritis, Osteoporosis

    We learn:

    • The anatomical aspects of the asanas
    • To recognize and address the root of the structural condition with specific asanas
    • Specific therapeutic Yoga practices and the rationale behind the Yoga Therapy applications for Muscular Imbalances regarding the Upper Back, Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists and the different types of Scoliosis
    • Explore Arthritis and Osteoporosis and relevant practices
    • Through practicing specific sequences for each condition and through sharing deep knowledge based on yoga therapy and physiotherapy.
    • We end Saturday with group yoga therapy practice for Lower Back and Sunday for Upper Back and Shoulders.

    3rd Webinar. 17th December 2022. The Scoliosis Cases Studies (Lumbar Scoliosis- Double Scoliosis)

    4th Online Weekend 6th & 8th January 2023.

    Yoga for the Nervous System – Pain, Brain, Stress Response, Yoga Nidra, Meditation.      

    • We explore the ways the brain and the nervous system function.
    • We learn how to design personalized practices for balancing the Nervous System by incorporating the most effective tools such as activating (brahmana) or pacifying (laghana) breathing ratios in the asanas practice, appropriate sequencing, pranayamas & chanting Mantras as well as by tailor made Yoga Nidras.
    • We learn how to design personalized yoga nidras and meditations.
    • We practice what Yoga can offer based on the latest findings in Neuroscience, Psychology and Yoga for restoring balance.
    • We end Saturday with the Yoga Tool for Mental Health Balance and Sunday with a practice for Insomnia.

    4th Webinar. 7th January 2023. The Nervous System Cases Studies (Insomnia- Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

    28th – 29th January (2 days). 5th Online Weekend.

    Yoga for Mental Health – Depression, Chronic Fatigue, PTSD, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Insomnia, Headaches.

    • We learn how to reach yoga’s most important goal, to still our mind.
    • We learn what yoga can offer for restoring balance to our mind.
    • We share the Yoga Therapy Strategies and Yoga Tools for these Mental Health phenomena.
    • You watch the third Yoga Therapy live, where all these elements are incorporated and explained in practice.
    • We end the Saturday with a group practice for Depression and Sunday with a practice for Anxiety. 

    5th Webinar. 4th February 2023. The Mental Health Cases Studies (Depression-Anxiety)

    6th Online Weekend. 25th – 26th February (2 days). Yoga for Women’s & Men’s Health.  

    For the men who participate they will have for 4 hours of the weekend separately looking at men’s health issues.

    We will learn about:

    • The Menstruation and the influence of the Hormones on the different cycles
    • Ayurveda for women
    • Chronic Pelvic Floor Pain in men
    • What Yoga can offer for conditions like Heavy, Irregular or Absent Menstruation, Fertility, Diastasis of Erectus Abdominis, Menopause, Incontinence, Prolapsed organs, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Low libido
    • Yoga Therapy for prenatal and postnatal stage of women’s life.
    • Practice the most Nourishing Womb Friendly Yoga Practices for each week of the cycle and specially designed Yoga Nidras for different phases of women’s lives.
    • We end the Saturday with a Pelvic Floor/Womb friendly practice and Sunday a practice for Incontinence and Menopause. 

    6th Webinar. 4th March 2023. The Women’s Health Cases Studies (Incontinence- Sexual Abuse) 

    7th Online Weekend. 25th – 26th March (2 days).

    Yoga for Auto-immune Conditions – Endocrine & Digestive system

    • We will share the function and the most common health conditions of the endocrine, digestive and how does Yoga support people with these conditions.  
    • We will focus on Auto Immune Conditions Diabetes, IBS etc.
    • Which Yoga Practices such as asanas, breathing, sequences, visualizations, restorative yoga can help and why.
    • How Ayurveda is helping us in yoga therapy.
    • On Saturday we end the day with a group yoga practice for Diabetes and on Sunday with a yoga practice for Constipation.

    7th Webinar. 1st April 2023. Auto-Immune Conditions Cases Studies (Rheumatoid Arthritis- Diabetes)

    8th Online Weekend. 29th – 30th April (2 days).

    Yoga for Cardiorespiratory Conditions

    We will share the function and the most common health conditions of the endocrine, digestive and how does Yoga support people with these conditions.  

    • We will focus on Respiratory conditions like Asthma, COPD, COVID and Cardiovascular such as Hypertension, Hypotension
    • Which Yoga Practices such as asanas, breathing, sequences, visualizations, restorative yoga can help and why.
    • How Ayurveda is helping us in yoga therapy.
    • You watch the fourth Yoga Therapy live, where all these elements are incorporated and explained in practice.
    • On Saturday we end the day with a yoga practice for Asthma and on Sunday a yoga practice for Hypertension.

    8th Webinar. 6th May 2023. Respiratory Conditions Cases Studies (Asthma- Bronchiectasis)

    9th Online Weekend. 27th – 28th May (2 days).

    Yoga for Auto Immune Conditions and Immune Suppression

    • We will focus one conditions such as Rheumatoid Arhritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Cancer & HIV.
    • We will share the function and the most common health conditions of the endocrine, digestive and how does Yoga support people with these conditions.
    • Which Yoga Practices such as asanas, breathing, sequences, visualizations, restorative yoga can help and why.
    • How Ayurveda is helping us in yoga therapy.
    • We share the ethical principles (yamas and niyamas) and qualities a yoga therapist must have and we introduce the way to apply yoga therapy in groups.
    • We end the Saturday a group yoga practice for Balance and on Sunday a yoga practice for Boosting Immunity.

    9th Webinar. 3rd June 2023. Cancer Webinar Case Studies (Breast Cancer – Metastatic Cancer)                                          

    10th Webinar. 4th June 2023. Chair Yoga Webinar Case Studies (Older People- Multiple Sclerosis)

    The Practicum – Mentoring & Tutorial Support

    The 88 hours practicum starts with the 3 case studies that count for 18 hours practicum, while the remaining 70 hours are more independent and less mentored.

    For the 88 hours practicum, a further 32 hours are allocated for the preparation and documentation of it.  

    For every case study you see your own clients (friends or relatives) a total of 4 sessions each. The 1st case study being for structural conditions, the 2nd one for a mental health or women’s health issue and the 3rd one for a medical condition. After the 2nd case study, you can start the 70 hours more independent but still mentored practicum where you work with individuals or groups.

    You are supported throughout the 9 months with 21 hours of personal 1 to 1  mentoring through emails and online meetings as well as 7 hours of personal tutorial support based on your assessments and the assignments.  

    To progress to year 2 students must have completed the assignments and assessments but may complete the practicum in year 2. 

    Year 2 – 450 Hours

    • Starts with the 18 days residential OR with one of the 10 online weekends which follow the same modules of the residential followed by
    • The final 10 live webinars spread throughout 9 months
    • 8 additional live online weekends
    • Mentorship (15 hours) for the remaining 98 hours mentored practicum, including the 3 case studies with the 2nd one as a final project being presented in a powerpoint. This being of a group yoga therapy with people that may be deprived due to habits, colour, ethnicity, sexual preferences, religion etc.
    • Personal online tutorial support (7 hours) based on your 5 assignments and the assessments, 5 of the live webinars and the 8 online weekends.
    • An included 16 hours make up weekend at the end of the 2nd.

    Dates specific for the Online Version of the 2nd year will be announced by Christmas 2022.

    The Second Residential Training – 7th to 25th of July 2023

    It takes place for 18 days including 2 free days.

    We review and we go deeper in structural imbalances, in mental/emotional conditions, in women’s health issues, in working with groups, as well as in professional development and ethical standards of yoga therapists.

    Every morning we have a group yoga therapy practice relative to the theme of the day but in a more meditative/transformative way than in the first year with elements such as self-reflection, sankalpa, japa mantra, meditation, yoga nidra, bhuta suddhi, chakra sadhana, pratipaksa bhavana, elements that are further explored in the Yoga and the Mind II online weekend.

    Every evening a student has the opportunity to give and watch yoga therapy live and further refine her/his practice.

    1st – 4th day (4 days) 7th Module, Methodology of Yoga Therapy II

    We deepen in breathing, in yoga philosophy of change, and in motivational interviewing. We refine through role playing students skills of intake, assessments, restorative yoga and modifications of tools by recognizing people’s needs in different bodies and personalities.

    5th – 6th day (2 days) 8th Module, Yoga for Structural Conditions II

    We share the physiology, the biomechanics, the biomedical knowledge and the yoga therapy tools for more complicated conditions regarding the body in the spine, hips, knee, feet etc as well as spine fusions and hips/knee replacement. 

    7th dayFree day

    8th – 10th day (3 days) 9th Module, Yoga Therapy for Special Groups

    We share knowledge and experience in offering yoga therapy to Children and Adolescents, to Older People, and practices for towards the End of Life.

    11th – 13th day (3 days) 10th Module, Yoga Therapy for Mental Health II

    and Yoga Philosophy for the Mind.  

    In this module we go deeper in the function of the mind, the conditions of the mind and the ways to establish a sattvic mind.

    We share Yoga Therapy for Trauma, for more complicated Mental Health Conditions such as Bipolar disorder, Obsessive – Compulsive Disorders and Schizophrenia.  

    In this module we share the Yoga philosophy and Yoga Therapy for changing habits, Addictions and Eating Disorders as well as becoming the best version of you, moving from svabhava to svarupa- the philosophical orientation of Yoga Therapy Greece training.  

    14th day – Free day

    15th – 16th day (2 days) 11th Module, Yoga Therapy for Nervous System.

    In this module we review the Nervous System, and we share deep knowledge on how to support through yoga therapy people with Neurological Conditions such as Brain Injury, Tumour, Stroke & Seizures, people having Chronic Pain in more complicated conditions such as CRPS and Myofascial Syndrome and people with neurodevelopmental conditions such as ADHD.

    17th – 18th day (2 days) 12th Module, Ethical principles and Professional Development Module

    We review and clarify the ways a group yoga therapy is designed, implemented, evaluated and documented. We also go through the ethical principles that we have shared in the 1st year and we further explore the health care codes of conducting yoga therapy, the ways to promote yoga therapy in the community and the ways to continue to evolve as yoga therapists.

    19th day- Goodbye day

    The 2nd year Webinars and Online Weekends

    Immediately after the 2nd residential we start the 10 live webinars of 5 hours each.

    The last 5 webinars are the webinars where the students present in a power point one of their 2nd year case studies as their final project.

    All webinars take place on Sundays 15.00 – 20.00 Greek time

    All online weekends take place for 12 hours 15.00 – 21.00 each day Greek time.

    A recording is then available for a month for students review in their own time.

    • 1st October 2023 ~ Webinar 11 – Finding & Using Research Articles and Prepare Power points.
    • 7th – 8th October 2023 ~ Online Weekend 1 ~ Yoga Philosophy I ~

    Roots of Yoga.

    • 5th November 2023 ~ Webinar 12 ~ Deepening in Ayurveda.
    • 11th – 12th November 2023 ~ Online Weekend 2 ~ Yoga Philosophy II ~

    Yoga Therapy Foundations.

    • 3rd December 2023 ~ Webinar 13 ~ Working Therapeutically with Groups.
    • 9th – 10th December 2023 ~ Online Weekend 3 ~ Human Development and Ethics ~ Stress Response & HPA axis- Polyvagal Theory – Motivational Interviewing.
    • 14th January 2024 ~ Webinar 14 ~ Addictions and ADHD Case Studies.
    • 20th – 21st January 2024 ~ Online Weekend 4 ~ Human Development ~

    Chronic Pain – Pain Education – Biopsychosocial Model – Pain and Yoga Therapy.

    • 4th February 2024 ~ Webinar 15 ~ Neurological Conditions Case Studies ~

    TBI – CRPS.                                  

    • 10th – 11th February 2024 ~ Online Weekend 5 ~ Yoga and the Mind I ~

    Trauma – Trauma Informed Yoga – Mindfulness and Tools. 

    • 9th – 10th March 2024 ~ Online Weekend 6 ~ Yoga and the Mind II ~

    From Svabhava to Svarupa – Meditation and Meditative Practices.

    • 6th – 7th April 2024 ~ Online Weekend 7 ~ Body and Mind Integration ~

    The development of the Disease seen in Body & Mind – Homeopathy – Chinese Medicine and the practice of Tai Chi/Chi Qigong.   

    • 27th – 28th March 2024 ~ Online Weekend 8 ~ Ethical Principles – Business Issues – Professional Development.
    • 5th May 2024 ~ Webinar presentation 16.
    • 11th May 2024 ~ Webinar presentation 17.
    • 12th May 2024 ~ Webinar presentation 18.
    • 18th May 2024 ~ Webinar presentation 19.
    • 19th May 2024 ~ Webinar presentation 20.
    • 1st – 2nd June 2024 ~ Online 16 hours ‘Make Up Weekend.

    The 2nd Year Practicum – Mentoring & Tutorial Support

    The practicum of the second year consists of 98 hours out of which 30 hours are for the 3 mentored case studies and 68 hours for the less mentored and more independent practicum.

    There is also 32 hours of preparation and mostly documentation of your practicum for the mentorship. There is a total of 15 hours mentorship.

    In addition, for the second year there are 23 hours of tutorial support. 7 hours being for personal tuition (based on your assignments, the webinars, the weekends and the module assessments) and 16 hours for the online ‘Make Up Weekend’ where a variety of topics are covered as deemed necessary.

    Please note that all mentoring hours are given only within the 2 years of studies.

    To conclude:

    In total, the 2 years 800 hour Yoga Therapy Training Program consists of:

    • 18 live online weekends that cover the modules the same as is given in the live and face to face in the 2 separate 18-days residential trainings in Greece over two consecutive summers. As highlighted online students can join the second year 18 day residential is they wish.
    • 20 live webinars where we mostly present and analyse 2 case studies per webinar, detailing each time clients with different conditions. See above for all of the topics covered.
    • 8 more live online weekends where we share the roots and the philosophical background of yoga therapy, the yoga principles for the mind, knowledge about the body and mind integration, about Trauma, Polyvagal Theory, about scientific evidence-based information on yoga, ethical principles and ways for professional development.
    • 36 Hours of personal practicum mentorship.
    • 30 hours online tutorial support, 14 personal hours for student’s personal and professional development and 16 hours for one makeup weekend.
    • 186 clinical hours’ practicum and 64 hours for the preparation and documentation of this that enables the mentorship. Out of these 186 hours 48 hours practicum are in the form of 6 case studies (with the students’ presentation their working with a group as the final project) and 138 hours of more independent practicum that prepare the yoga therapy students for becoming excellent yoga therapists.


    Evi is a Certified Yoga Therapist by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (C-IAYT), a Physiotherapy graduate from Manchester University, is doing a Master’s Degree in Psychology and Neuroscience of Mental Health Conditions at King’s College London and is a Yoga Therapy Educator and founder of Yoga Therapy Greece (RYS-300), a member school of IAYT. 

    Yoga Therapy Greece is 1 of only 3 Yoga Therapy Schools in Europe offering 2 years of Yoga Therapy Studies Accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT).

    In addition to the Yoga Therapy Training for Yoga Teachers, she gives 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions, Yoga Therapy to groups and Yoga Therapy workshops to health professionals such as physiotherapists and psychotherapists.

    Besides having given more than 4000 hours of Yoga Therapy Studies and Yoga Therapy Workshops she has given more than 2000 private yoga therapy sessions in Athens and London for:

    • Mental health phenomena such Anxiety, Panic Attacks, PTSD, Insomnia, Headaches, Depression, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Grief, Addictions, Eating Disorders
    • Musculoskeletal issues such as chronic pain, CRPS, fibromyalgia, Neck and Shoulders, Wrists, Low and Upper Back pain, Hips, Knees and Feet, as well as Kyphosis and Scoliosis.
    • Auto immune disorders such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson, Psoriasis etc.
    • Digestive problems like Constipation and Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
    • Women’s Health Issues such as Fertility, Menopause, Incontinence.
    • Cardio-respiratory conditions such as Hypertension, Asthma, COPD, Bronchiectasis, COVID-19.
    • Immune Challenges like HIV and Breast Cancer. 

    Evi loves to give personalized yoga therapy sessions since she sees the great effect on mind and body and their shift to their best version of themselves.

    She also loves to teach yoga therapy, seeing the students/yoga teachers personal and professional transformation to great yoga therapists and happier and healthier people.

    She strongly believes in the power of research and the importance in integrating sciences such as Physiotherapy, Psychology and Neuroscience, Medicine, Nutrition with ancient wisdom such as Yoga and Yoga Therapy.

    Her thesis in Physiotherapy was about integrating Yoga Therapy elements in Physiotherapy and her thesis in Psychology and Neuroscience will be the Integration of these with Yoga Therapy.  

    She also has a Marketing Management Degree from the American College of Greece, and she speaks 5 languages, fluently Greek, English and Spanish, very well Italian and basic German. 

    She is also a worldwide traveller and writer of published books in Greek including ‘Around the world in 80 countries’ and ‘Humanitarian Mission accomplished’ after coordinating humanitarian missions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

    For more information, prices and a booking form please contact us at


    • Printing of the electronically issued handbooks, manual and send out.
    • Final registration with the International Association of Yoga Therapy for C – IAYT


    1. Do I have to commit to Year 2 when I first enrol?

    When you enrol you are only committing to Year 1 so you can decide as the course progresses if you would like to continue to complete the 800 hours training or just complete the 350 hours of Year 1. We recommend you take advantage of the early bird prices by giving a deposit for the second year by February 2023.

    2. Is the Yoga Therapy Certification accredited by Yoga Alliance

    For legal reasons Yoga Alliance does not accredit any Yoga Therapy studies. They only accredit teacher training.

    3. Do I need to be a Yoga Teacher to attend the course?

    Yes. You will need to have completed the 200 hours of a Yoga Teacher Training program and have one year’s experience. If you are unsure please get in touch.

    4. When will I graduate and receive my certificates?

    Following completion of the First year residential, it takes about 12 months to complete the webinars, assignments, case studies and rest of practicum. So, you will graduate in July 2023 for the 350 hours yoga therapy training. For the Accredited Yoga Therapy Training 800 hours you will graduate in October 2024. Graduation being dependant on completing to a pass standard the required coursework. Students must have also completed the required attendance hours.

    5. What if I am unable to attend some of the webinars or online weekends?

    Up to 30 hours can be missed from the Synchronous Distance Learning without an extra charge, although students must view the recording and complete the assessment for each topic missed. If the student misses between 30 and 46 hours of Synchronous Learning they must attend at least part of the second Synchronous Top up Weekend for which there is a charge. The cost of these make up sessions is 250 Euros per half day (4 hours sessions) shared between the numbers of students that must attend. Alternatively, students may attend the following year the webinar or missed online weekend for free.

    6. Can you clarify the Accreditation of the Yoga Therapy Training

    The certification of the 350 hours Yoga Therapy Training is not accredited by any association or board. The 350 hours Yoga Therapy Greece Training forms part of the Yoga Therapy Training 800 hours which is accredited by the Accreditation Committee of the International Association of Yoga Therapists(IAYT). For more information, see

    7. Why can't the 350 hours training be accredited by IAYT?

    IAYT have extremely high standards and accredits only a minimum 800 hours training.

    8. What if I decide not to complete the assignments, case studies and webinars?

    In this case we can issue a Certificate of Attendance only. However, we highly recommend that you complete all of the course as the assignments, case studies and practicum are a large part of the learning process, especially considering the mentoring that that you will receive. You also will lose the possibility of using this 350 hour training as a foundation of the 800 hour training.

    9. What if I decide not to complete the 88-hour practicum?

    Then you will be issued 262 hours of certification of attendance.

    10. How does the supervision take place?

    The supervision takes place through emails and online meetings. As soon as you send your clients completed Yoga Therapy questionnaire or practices you will get an email with guidelines and then we meet online where we will explain the rationale and establish practices together. After the evaluation of your case study summary/write up, you will also get written detailed feedback.

    11. How many assignments are there?

    In total you will have 10 assignments well spread in the 2 years training. For every assignment you get detailed feedback as tutorial support for your personal and professional development.

    12. How can I work as a Yoga Therapist?

    Upon completion of the 350-hour Yoga Therapy Training you can have your own private Yoga Therapy Clinic and give 1-2-1 sessions or work with therapeutic groups. Our graduates also work in Yoga Studios or in a complimentary capacity in health care centres, physiotherapy centres, and community centres in collaboration with homoeopathists, physiotherapists, psychotherapists, nutritionists etc. But you would have to check your countries specific requirements for certain health care jobs.

    15. What other costs am I likely to incur?

    In addition to the ‘what is not included’ list above a student must buy their own study materials and have access to a computer or tablet with a good internet connection. They need to be able to convert documents to PDF.
    They might need to print the manual sent to you in advance of the residential training in order for you to read it and be better prepared for the training.
    They will require about €60-80 for two books for their assignments.

    Yoga Therapy Training 2020

    What an amazing two weeks I have had! Evi is amazing, very knowledgeable and easy to follow. This course has been everything I hoped it would be and then a little more. I feel excited for the next two years and continuing this journey with you both. What a fantastic team you make. For anyone considering signing up to this course, YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT! Thank you both.

    Zoe Osbourne – Yoga Teacher – UK

    Yoga Therapy Training 2019

    I am very happy with the course. I got more than I expected because Evi gives out all her knowledge and experience. Evi loves it in such a way that it makes it easy for the students to comprehend. Thank you so much for preparing the training which benefits so much the yoga community.

    Juli Wellish, Yoga Instructor, Santo Dominico

    Yoga Therapy Training 2019

    I feel very grateful for the sharing of all this valuable information which has direct application to my teaching and my personal practice. I felt well looked after regarding all the aspects of organising, accommodation, decent vegetarian food and off course the training itself. Thanks for everything
    Katrine Bregengaard, Yoga Teacher, Denmark

    Yoga Therapy Training 2019

    Since I have finished my classical Yoga teacher trainings, I have been on the hunt to learn more and more about the therapeutically aspect of Yoga.Join this course, was a great decision from professional and human point of view. I felt safe to share a deeper part of myself within the safe environment created and the experience was amazing.

    I loved the material and the way in which it has been presented.

    This course was an amazing way to experience different perspectives and approaches to teaching yoga which now I already use for my own practice as well as in my classes. After this course I feel inspired to share what I have learned. Thank you Evi

    Mars Avotet, Yoga Instructor, Lithuania

    Yoga Therapy Training 2019

    I could not have hoped for better training. Evi is amazing in the way she passes on info, theory and practices.

    Maria Jones, Yoga Instructor & Yoga Therapist – Scotland


    Yoga Therapy Training

    Evi thank you for the knowledge you shared with us. It is so nice to meet people like you through the journey of yoga. You were a revelation to me for your sincerity and your warm character. Continue to believe in the power that yoga has to heal.

    With much love and appreciation,

    Olga Kasma, Yoga Instructor

    Yoga Therapy Training 2019

    The Yoga Therapy Training program is a complete program covering the entire range of medical conditions. The practices taught are fully explained and evidence based on the latest developments of science. The proposed bibliography includes the most appropriate books on the subjects being taught.

    The most important is Evi, who, with her high level of training, her transmissibility, her immediacy, her support and her patience, puts us in the world of Yoga Therapy and gives us all the resources to continue. Thank you Evi for the knowledge and the new horizons you offered me.

               Alexandra Argyropoulou, Yoga Teacher

    Yoga Training

    One big thank you Evi!

    You are a teacher with a very positive energy, sharing generously your experience and knowledge. I am really glad to meet you through the experience of Yoga Therapy. I am looking forward to your next module. Thank you for everything.

    Ioanna Papaioannou, Yoga Instructor & Psychotherapist, Athens Synthesis Center

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