My name is Maria P.It was in 2000 when I was diagnosed with bronchiectasis. It is a very serious lung disease. It is like a chronic bronchitis with continuous inflammations in the lungs.

Every two months I was getting cold and I was seriously infected in my lungs. I had fever and I needed to take antibiotics for at least 3 weeks. I was often spitting blood and I was taking cortisone in the form of sprays and nebulizer machine. Over the last two years I was constantly sick during the winters. Almost every month I was taking antibiotics for most of the month and I was very afraid to go out to the cinema or the theater in case I got cold and infected again. Whenever I was going on an excursion I had to take my nebulizer with me. I could hardly breathe or laugh due to the severe cough and I could not complete a full sentence because I was short of breath. I was despaired. I could not accept that my life was like this. During summers I was somewhat better but still not much better.

I met Evi Dmitriadou three years ago. She had told at some point that she was studying Yoga Therapy. I asked her if she could help with my problem and she had replied with enthusiasm that she certainly can. I knew that she meant it because she is a very responsible person.

I began on 7th November 2015. When she said that this winter I will not get sick I shook my head with doubt. The first lesson was very difficult for me because I had short breath; I was coughing constantly and I was spitting but immediately after the session I felt much better.

I go once a week and I do my practice at home every day. Within 3 months, Evi gave me three yoga sequences, a short, a longer one and a full session one. I choose which one to do depending how I feel and how much time I have.

I started talking like before the chronic bronchiectasis, normally, without my breath cutting the sentences. I talk non- stop without getting tired at all! I started walking again a lot without any problem. I started living again as before. I threw the nebulizer machine and the inhalers. I owe my new life to Evi. Because I have trouble sleeping, Evi showed me a yoga sequence and I do once the one for the bronchiectasis and once the one for the nausea. So, I sleep like a baby!

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