I have had pleasure to meet Brian in 2010, during one of his regular visits to our Taiji Dong International School in Zagreb, Croatia, the same year I first started with my Taiji practice.

I have been attending all of his classes and workshops in Croatia ever since, which include Qigong, Yang- style Taiji (slow and fast set), Sword form and Hao. Brian is a highly skilled, attentive and patient instructor and both beginners and advanced students can benefit hugely from his classes. He makes adjustments kindly and accurately and is very impassioned to share all his knowledge and skill.

Whether it’s about simple things as improving your posture, reducing knee/ back pain, or gaining deeper insight into the principles of Taiji and honing your skill, Brian is the best.

I have been greatly privileged to have had the chance to study Taiji under him and would warmly recommend his classes to everyone.

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