I said let’s try it when everything else seemed to have failed.

I had swollen intervertaebral discs in the lower back and neck for at least five years probably due to sedentary work.
Whenever I was practicing any exercise I had to stop because I started to suffer again. This was an instruction given by my doctors and physiotherapists.

Even by swimming in an enclosed swimming pool (which is supposed to be an excellent exercise) I was facing a new crisis in my neck due to the big differences in temperature (in & out). I was occasionally doing yoga and Pilates in groups at the gym but this also proved completely unsuitable since even a good trainer cannot take care of each person personally. When I got an inflammation at the coccyx while I was doing physiotherapy, I reluctantly started the yoga therapy. Soon the inflammation at the coccyx passed, my body got stronger faster than ever and within 3 months I do exercises that I could never imagine I would do!

I feel so good that I can perform my daily but also some more demanding jobs like lifting heavy things without paying it with pain or by staying in bed or taking anti-inflammatory pills.

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