3 YOGA THERAPY TRAININGS of 100, 200 or 300 hours

By an experienced Certified Yoga Therapist of YOGA THERAPY GREECE

For a maximum of 12 Participants

From 3rd August 2019 – 25th August 2019 in Crete, Greece


~  Saturday 3rd August 2019 to Saturday 10th August 2019 – 100 hours Viniyoga

~  Saturday 10th August 2019 to Sunday 25th August 2019 – 200 hours Yoga Therapy Training

~  Saturday 3rd August 2019 to Sunday 25th August 2019 – 300 hours Viniyoga & Yoga Therapy Training

 Please note all teaching is in English.

  • The most intensive and comprehensive Yoga Therapy Diploma in Europe. A professional program where a Yoga Instructor will learn everything she/he needs to know about applying Yoga tools in order to give Yoga Therapy.
  • A unique combination of Yoga Therapy Studies (Viniyoga, Iyengar, Ayurveda) and Physiotherapy that enables and on-going support Yoga Instructors to give Yoga Therapy Sessions with safety and confidence.
  • The Yoga Therapy Greece’s Yoga Therapy Diploma follows the newest standards of the International Association of Yoga Therapists in terms of methodology of Yoga Therapy, the Yoga Therapy Tools and Therapeutic Skills, the Competencies in Biomedical and Psychological Foundations, the Practicum, the Mentoring etc.
  • In the first 7 days we start with a profound foundation of 100 hours in Viniyoga. In this unique training we will share Viniyoga and ways to modify practices for different people needs that will enable you to give very creative and therapeutic group classes.

We will explore the principles and the practices that were delivered by Krishnamacharya to his son Desikachar and from Desikachar to Gary Craftosw and from Gary Kraftsow to Evi Dimitriadou, the leading Yoga Therapist in these Yoga Therapy Trainings and founder of Yoga Therapy Greece.

For the Yoga Instructors who want to give therapeutic yoga classes for specific conditions muscular imbalances without deepening their knowledge in Yoga Therapy, they can attend only this short but intensive Viniyoga course that will add another perspective in their teaching.

  • The following 15 days main training program of 200 hours of Intensive Yoga Therapy Training will enable Yoga Instructors to give 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions to people with Muscular Imbalances, Mental Health problems, Women’s Health issues as well as most of the Medical Conditions that you will probably encounter. We will share the methodology of 1-2-1 Yoga Sessions and what we do with any muscular imbalances and in medical conditions of the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine and immune systems.  
  • In these 15 days you will discover how to build a therapeutic relationship, how to read different bodies and how to build yoga therapy practices based on people’s goals and needs, incorporating all Yoga Models such as postural and breathing assessments, vayus, koshas, doshas, pranayamas, mantras and mudras, as well as asanas and the way to modify them.
  • In both Yoga Therapy Trainings, in 200 hours and 300 hours ones, in every module, you will see Yoga Therapies taking place to each of you and we will analyse the Case Studies in order to be able to do the same with your clients. This is a great opportunity to experience Yoga Therapy and get your personal practice.
  • In both Yoga Therapy Trainings you will be supported by your mentor through many personal online supervisions in your first yoga therapies with your clients and case study participants.
  • The 100 hours in Viniyoga is not a prerequisite for the 200 hours of Intensive Yoga Therapy Training but is a very helpful foundation.


  • The first part of the training, the 100 hours Viniyoga Training starts on Saturday 3rd August 2019 with the welcome, orientation of the hotel and the awesome Aghios Pavlos area, plus dinner and it finishes on Friday afternoon 9th August 2019.

It consists of Viniyoga practices and lectures  for 6 days, 2 hours of personal Mentoring through Skype, 50 hours of documented Viniyoga practice as well as personal study from a specific reading list and assignments.

You will be supported in developing Viniyoga practices with modified asanas and adapted pranayamas for yourself and others by              understanding the valuable principles of this traditional lineage.

  • The Intensive 200 hours Yoga Therapy Training starts on Saturday 10th August 2019 with the welcome and the orientation as well as a delicious dinner. On Sunday morning we start the long and transformational Training per se and we finish after two weeks on Sunday morning 25th August 2019 after a nutritious breakfast.

The Yoga Therapy Training takes place for 13 days and we have a free Sunday on 18th August. It consists of 117 hours of lecture            and practice hours, 4 hours of Personal Mentoring with the leading Yoga Therapist through Skype for the 2 Case Studies, 50 hours of documented practice with clients of your own out of which 12 hours will be part of the 2 Case Studies, personal study from a well-chosen reading list as well as personal practice and assignments.

  • The intensive 300 hours Yoga Therapy Training starts on Saturday 3rd August 2019 with the Viniyoga Foundation training and finishes on Sunday Morning 25th August 2019 after a breakfast. It takes place for 19 days besides the 2 free days (Saturdays 10th & Sunday 18th August) making it total of 22 days with the arrival day. It consists of 171 hours lectures and practices, 6 hours of Mentoring for the 2 Case Studies, 100 hours of documented practice with real clients of yours out of which 12 hours will be part of the 2 Case Studies, personal study from a well-chosen reading list, as well as personal practice and assignments.
  • Students in all programs are assigned mentors who give feedback about their assignments, guide them in the Case Studies and Personal Practice, and help the Yoga Instructors to understand and apply many Yoga Therapy Techniques. During the training, we focus on each student’s personal, as well as professional, development; we believe that the quality of the yoga therapy practitioner’s ability to achieve a profound level of Self-awareness, presence as well as deep knowledge in Muscular Imbalances, Nervous System, Women’s health, Mental Health and Medical Conditions are very important factors.


More specifically the program is as such:

1st day – Welcome orientation plus dinner.

2nd to 4th  days – 3 days of Viniyoga Practices for Muscular Imbalances

  • We will have the opportunity to explore the Viniyoga Principles as were given by Krishnamacharya to his son Desikachar and from him to my teacher Gary Kraftsow
  • We will practice Viniyoga Therapeutic Sequences mostly for group classes but also for personal yoga therapy sessions with modified asanas and pranayamas for all muscular conditions such as lower back, hips, sacrum, feet, knees, upper back, neck, shoulders elbows, wrists and hands.

5th to 7th days – 3 days of Viniyoga Practices for Physiological Conditions

  • We further explore Viniyoga principles and Viniyoga Therapeutic Sequences for Physiological Conditions and appropriate applications of life style counselling principles.
  • We learn how to design practices for groups of students with similar conditions and how to develop the best practices (bhavana or laghana) for balancing the Nervous System by activating the Sympathetic and/or Parasympathetic System through pranayama and mantras in the asanas.
  • We will master the practices of Viniyoga and Tantra Yoga exploring which are the most suitable for each condition and the effect of them in physiological conditions and in quality of life besides in structure.

These first seven days will enable you to give creative and therapeutic practices since you will have a direct experience of the effect of them and a deep understanding of the traditional principles.

8th day Free day and Welcome the Participants of the 200 hours/2 weeks Training

9th to 11th day – 3 days Yoga for Muscular Imbalances

We learn

  • the role of the asanas
  • the anatomical aspects of them,
  • specific therapeutic Yoga practices and the rationale behind the Yoga Therapy applications for Muscular Imbalances regarding the
  • Feet, Knees, Hips, Pelvis, Lower Back and Upper Back, Neck, Shoulders, Elbows, Wrists
  • and the different types of Scoliosis.

12th to 13th day. 2 days Methodology of 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Sessions

We learn how

  • to interview clients
  • to read peoples’ breathing, posture and movement through specific practices,
  • to come up with the ayurvedic constitution and what/how might need balancing,
  • to use the different Yoga Models like Vayus, Chakras, Koshas, Doshas.
  • to come up with yoga therapy strategies through critical reasoning.
  • to choose the most suitable Yoga practices (Asanas, Pranayamas, Mantras, Sankalpa, Mudras, Restorative practice, Relaxation), based on the overall needs and goals of the client
  • to modify asanas and breathing
  • to sequence a therapeutic practice
  • to draw practice sheets with stick figures
  • to keep professional documentation of the 1-2-1 Yoga Therapy Session
  • to use suitable Restorative yoga practices for different people needs
  • to use Chair yoga for people in need or for office breaks,
  • to build a long-term therapeutic relationship
  • we then practice all these working with each of you as Clients

14th to 15th day – 2 days Yoga for Women’s Health and Yoga Nidra.

We will learn about

  • Menstruation
  • and the influence of the Hormones in the different cycles of it and
  • the most Nourishing Yoga Practices for each week of the cycle
  • what Yoga can offer for problems like Heavy, Irregular or Absent Menstruation,
  • Fertility
  • Diastasis of Erectus Abdominis
  • Menopause
  • Incontinence
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • We also learn how to build Yoga Nidras and we practice Yoga Nidras that nourish Women in different phases.

16th free day for relaxing at the amazing beaches of Aghios Pavlos in South Crete. In this free day, breakfast and dinner are included.

17th to 18th day – 2 days Yoga for Mental Health & Mindfulness

We learn about the Mental health Issues and we practice what Yoga can offer based on the latest findings in Neuroscience and body-oriented psychotherapy for restoring balance through:

  • Pranayama,
  • Mantra
  • and how to practice yoga in a meditative state for
  • Trauma,
  • Depression,
  • Anxiety

19th to ­20th day – 2 days Yoga for Respiratory and Cardiovascular.  

We go through the

  • Respiratory
  • Cardiovascular
  • which Yoga Practices can help and why
  • And Professional and Business Issues of Yoga Therapists

21st to 22nd day – 2 days Yoga for Immune and Auto immune Deficiencies & Functional Disorders

We learn about the major immunity challenges and what Yoga as well as life style choices can do to alter the physiology and the psychology in case of

  • Cancer
  • HIV
  • most of the Auto-Immune Disorders
  • Pain and the Management of Chronic Pain
  • Functional Disorders and Digestive System
  • And Professional and Business Issues of Yoga Therapists

Lectures on the latest research findings, yoga practices using all the yogic tools and the rationale behind them, breathing techniques, meditation, and philosophy as well as dietary and lifestyle advice complement this Intensive and unique Yoga Therapy Training.

During the Intensive Yoga Therapy Training the leading Yoga Therapist gives a yoga therapy to every participant, while the participants will have the opportunity to evaluate “patients” in five categories such as Structural, Nervous System and Breath, Ayurveda, Psychology, and Spirituality and be able to practice in a safe and supported environment Yoga Therapies before they start giving Yoga Therapy Sessions with the clients in their case studies and in general.

23rd  day Goodbye day and the start of an ongoing mentoring through personal supervisions that will support you in the first yoga therapies that you give.  

After the breakfast we leave full of knowledge and deep understanding of the Clinical Applications of Yoga Therapy and Viniyoga.




9:00-10:00 BREAKFAST




19:30-20:30 DINNER



  • 4 hours or 6 hours of Personal Mentoring in working with real clients of yours for the Case Studies
  • 200 or 300 hours Yoga Therapy Training by a Certified and Experienced Yoga Therapist,
  • Diploma of Yoga Therapy Studies from a Yacep ( Yoga Alliance continuous education provider)
  • A thorough Manual of 200 pages
  • 13 days or 19 days of Yoga Therapy Training
  • You observe many Yoga Therapies with you as real clients
  • Experience your own Yoga Therapy and take away your own personal practice
  • Thoroughly assessed Assignments and feedback on these
  • A well selected reading list
  • Guidance and feedback for the development of a personal Yoga Therapy practice
  • Support for your Personal and Professional Development
  • 15 or 22 nights accommodation in a beautiful retreat literally a few minutes from the beach and the crystal clear blue water of southern Crete.
  • 15 or 22 vegetarian dinners and breakfasts
  • In the case of the 100 hours Viniyoga Training there are 7 nights accommodation with 7 breakfasts and dinners included, as well as the Certification of 100 hours Viniyoga Training as Continuous Education for Yoga Alliance.
  • Access through Skype and e mail to the certified Yoga Therapists of Yoga Therapy Greece for on-going mentoring as you take on your own clients.



Evi Dimitriadou is a Certified Yoga Therapist by the British Council of Yoga Therapists, a member of International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT), a Certified Advanced Yoga Teacher (E-RYT500) with Yoga Alliance, a YACEP (Yoga Alliance Continuous Education Provider) and founder of Yoga Therapy Greece (RYS-300).

A student of Gary Kraftsow at the American Viniyoga Institute in the Clinical Applications of Yoga Therapy for 2 years, has completed 2 years of Yoga Therapy Studies at  Yoga Campus in London and 1 year at the Aura Wellness in USA as well as being a Student of Physiotherapy in Manchester University for 3 years.

She has given more than 1500 personal Yoga Therapy Sessions to people with various ailments and given numerous Yoga Therapy Trainings as well as Yoga Therapy workshops to Yoga Instructors and Practitioners.

She has a passion to share Yoga Therapy and enable Yoga Instructors to help people in need as she does with her ongoing support.



The Yoga Therapy training takes place in the awesome bay of Agios Pavlos in South Crete. The hotel is located on a small cliff overlooking a picturesque sandy beach with lovely warm and crystal clear waters. The beach is only few footsteps away from our rooms while incredible stretches of sand dunes lie only ten minutes walk away. All the rooms have a balcony and a sea view, air con and a nice bathroom. The breakfast and dinner are fresh vegetarian and delicious.

Most people arrive by air to Crete into Heraklion airport (HER) or Chania airport (CHQ). They are both equal distances from the retreat and the transfer is about 2 hours. There are also daily ferries from Piraeus and Santorini to Crete.

The taxi is 110 euro from Heraklion, 120 euro from Chania and we always facilitate sharing taxis among participants.

EARLY BIRD PRICES in Euros for Training and Accommodation with meals 

For the initial 100 hours Training in Viniyoga only/ 6 days of training/7 days of stay:

€ 780 Training + €410 sharing a twin room with en-suite bathroom  ~ TOTAL € 1190

€ 780 Training + €610 in a single room with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 1390

€ 780 Training + €810  sharing a room with a no participating partner with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 1600

  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • For the 200 hours Training/13 days of training/ 15 days of stay:

€ 2000 Training + €880 for sharing twin room with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 2880

€ 2000 Training + €1320 in a single room with en suite bathroom ~ TOTAL  € 3320

€ 2000 Training + €1760  sharing a room with a no participating partner with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 3760


For the 300 hours Yoga Therapy Training/19 days of training/ 22 days of stay:

€ 2700 Training + €1290 in a twin room with en-suite bathroom – TOTAL € 3990

€ 2700 Training + €1930 in a single room with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 4630

€ 2700 Training + € 2580  sharing a room with a no participating partner with en-suite bathroom ~ TOTAL € 5280



  • These early Bird prices are until 4 months before the start of the Training, namely  3rd April 2019
  • For the Early Bird prices 30% of the total amount is paid as a deposit by bank transfer either in Euros or British Pounds. The rest of the amount is paid in cash upon arrival either in Euros or British Pounds.
  • In case of cancellation, the deposit for the tuition and the lodging is refundable up until two months before the start of the training at the point the Yoga Therapy Training Manual is issued to you electronically.
  • The prices for bookings after 3rd April 2019 subject to availability are increased by 10% for tuition. The room prices staying the same.

For inquiries and a booking form please e mail evi@yogatherapygreece.com or brian@yogatherapygreece.com


  • Lunches
  • Private acupressure sessions
  • Tai Chi lessons
  • Beach towel
  • Travel Insurance
  • Transfers from and to the airport (although share rides among participants are facilitated).




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