Summer Yoga Therapy Intensive Training 2019

The course was very interesting and I took from it all that I expected and hoped for. Something I liked a lot was the experience shared by Evi during our case studies. It was of extra value to me. Evi involves a lot with her passion for Yoga Therapy.

Summer Intensive Yoga Therapy Training 2019

Yoga Therapy Greece gives an incredible coverage of a huge body of work, that would be hard to find elsewhere. Practical and logically taught – a must for any responsible Yoga Teacher working with students over the age of 50.

Summer Intensive Training 2019

I feel very grateful for the sharing of this valuable information which has direct application to my teaching and my personal practice. I felt well looked after regarding all aspects of organisation, accommodation, decent vegetarian food of course the training itself....

Yoga Therapy Training ~ Yoga Teacher

A very well organized Yoga Therapy Training with excellent material by a wonderful teacher who helps you open your wings and find your own path. It is great to have her next to me as an advisor and mentor!!! Thank you very much Evi!! Katerina Tasiani, Yoga...

Yoga Therapy Training ~ Yoga Teacher

The Yoga Therapy Training program is a complete program covering the entire range of medical conditions. The practices taught are fully explained and evidence based on the latest developments of science. The proposed bibliography includes the most appropriate books on...

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