The Importance of How we Breathe !

The Breath Breath should not only be an unconscious act. It can be a force, a medicine and a mechanism to gain inner power, to preserve and establish physical or mental health, longevity and even reach higher levels of consciousness. The lung capacity seems to be the...

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Stress, Autoimmune Conditions & Physical Activity

Stress Stress affects every aspect of our body and brain and although its effects are partly mediated by powerful corticosteroid hormones that target the nervous system, its long-term effect is highly related with the explosion in Autoimmune as well as a big increase...

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The role of Yoga Therapy in Pain Management Programs

Yoga has a lot to offer individuals challenged by pain and in particular for chronic pain conditions. As C-IAYT Yoga Therapists we know this. Through this article, we explore how and why Yoga Therapy can be part of Pain Management Programs. What is Pain? According to...

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Neurogenesis and Yoga Therapy

  Why we need it - how we enhance it and Yoga Therapy Neurogenesis, the formation of new neurons throughout life is a very distinct example of human brain plasticity and maintenance of the central nervous system (Poulose et al., 2017). It takes place in a few...

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